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I write adventure pulp fiction, genre screenplays, esoterically inclined non-fiction involving serial murders, produce/direct ultra-microbudget films, publish adventure fiction, and am a licensed private investigator and former US federal agent
San Diego
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Really? Here?
Religious views:
You ain't got the time for that conversation...
Cons, film festivals, reading/writing, hiking, travel, alternative archeology, the occasional baseball game, seeing classic movies on the big screen, co-hosting Radio Misterioso when I can, guesting on various podcast shows to discuss my research and books and films
See the above and add history, esoteric mysteries, classic movies, cooking, and stuff
Favorite Music:
How abut what I DO NOT like: rap, hip-hop and country since Garth Brooks came along
Favorite TV Shows:
The Following The Big Valley Star Trek (original) Things on TCM Mad Men sometimes Comic Book Men
Favorite Movies:
Vertigo Citizen Kane Once Upon A Time In The West North By Northwest Carnival of Souls (original) The Bride of Frankenstein Giant After these, it's genres and actors: Cary Grant (except the ones that are just simply chick flicks) Classics Horror Adventure Then too many too get into here
Favorite Books:
Fiction: Early Stephen King Early John Irving Lovecraft Edgar Rice Burroughs Robt E Howard Bradbury
Favorite Quotes:
"Improvise, adapt, overcome" -- Eastwood, Heartbreak Ridge

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